June 16, 2013
Patriotic Aussies Overseas

Patriotic Aussies Overseas

Australians have always been known the world over as great sports lovers, either as players or spectators.

To harness the spirit of the contagious cry of Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi, heard everywhere Aussies gather around their favourite sports, former four time Olympic Water Polo Captain Thomas Whalan, has launched a range of patriotic clothing and accessories.

From this chant AussieOi™ The Fan Brand™ has been born, celebrating all that’s great about Australia.

“The idea behind the AussieOi clothing is to channel that feeling of excitement and comradery that Australians are so good at creating when we’re at sporting events” Thomas says.  “It’s the spirit of Australian fans that captures the attention and hearts of visitors and I am translating that feeling into something they can take home.”

The line of activewear makes the perfect present for those Aussies travelling overseas, especially for sporting events, or for tourists wanting some memorabilia of their stay in Australia.

The AussieOi™ sports clothing and accessories range covers caps to t-shirts to hoodies and Funnies Sunnies™, offering something for everyone, from kids to men and women.

Fans of Australia can take a piece of the country with them, even if they leave our shores.

The range is available from a list of selected stockists.    Sandra Tiltman.