Double Bay’s high end restaurant scene is now even more exciting with the recent opening of Mr G’s, a new premium American grill, located on the ground floor of the InterContinental Sydney Double Bay in Cross Street. Owned and operated by Patrick and Angela Gallagher of Gallagher Hotels, the restaurant pays homage to Patrick’s father, the original Mr G, with the space named in reference to his nickname.

P3210017 (1).jpg

At their opening night event, guests were greeted by a Jazz singing saxophonist and served cocktails created by Venue Manager Doug Laming, a passionate molecular mixologist. ‘That’s my Jam’, containing Larios Gin, crème de cassis, rhubarb bitters, mild willow water and strawberry jam, plus the beautifully rich ‘Obabalicious’ made with Chocolate Whiskey, Amaro Montenegro, rye whiskey, black walnut bitters, & dark chocolate will make those looking for the perfect cocktail very happy. Wine, bubbles and beer also flowed.

A large range of tasty delights allowed us to sample the fare available at this authentic American grill, including Imperial black caviar blini’s, pastrami spiced salmon gravlax, Alaskan king crab cocktail, Cape Byron eye fillet chimichurri’s, mini Wagyu Burgers with beer battered cocktail onions, veggie and goat’s cheese tarts and truffle fries.

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Mr G’s Bar & Grill is positioned as an American small bar, with only American craft beers on tap from the best breweries in the US. They serve over 100 whiskies, featuring rare and unique brands, plus a full selection of spirits, liqueurs and aperitifs and the cocktail list reflects Doug’s distinctive style, using ingredients such as pumpkin curd, oolong tea and milk of the poppy. A separate menu for Picklebacks adds a quirky and fun twist to the bar offering, serving a shot of whisky with a matching pickle and brine shot chased by a beer. The wine list has a champagne focus, with wines starting from $45 up to $2000 for a bottle of champagne.

This upscale venue, designed by Peter Jay from Peter Jay Design Associates, has an industrial feel, featuring leather & brass accents and is very wood heavy, with multiple spaces including the 14m wood bar, Lounge Room and Private Dining Room. Dotted throughout are custom artworks, a large fireplace and Americana, along with vintage whiskies, wines and cigars on display.

P3210011 (1).jpg

With a focus on the best steaks Sydney can offer, Mr G’s serves quality sourced meat, seafood and fresh produce, cooked by chef to the stars Dave Little. It is also one of the first venues in Australia to use the MIBRASA grill, a wood fired, charcoal driven oven that doesn’t use gas or electricity and allows food to be cooked retaining its natural flavours, bringing out a unique smoky taste.

Mr G’s Bar & Grill is a venue of first choice for diners wanting excellent service, impressive menus, stylish drinks selection with a bustling American vibe, their own slice of Brooklyn in a chic Double Bay setting.

Sandra Tiltman   Photos: John Pond

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