Kialla Pure Foods, Australia’s leading processor of organic cereal grains, has recently launched their unique Plate2Farm Recipe Book, which tracks the origin of the ingredients for each recipe.

Packed full of recipes from famous local and inspiring chefs, the book also shows the consumer exactly where the grains in their cupboard have come from.


The Plate2Farm Recipe Book was developed after the success of the Plate2Farm Tracker, which was made in response to shoppers’ increasing interest in the source of their food. It is the first consumer to farmer tracking system in Australia to use the audited traceability built into the organic certification system. The tracker has the ability to trace any Kialla product on the shelf back to the farmer. The motivation behind the tracker is not just to let people know where the product comes from, but also the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind it. The tracker is able to unveil how one specific product has been stored and treated, how it has been milled and most importantly, introduces the faces behind the complex process.


Sheridan Kennedy, Kialla Pure Foods’ Communications Cultivator commented “Whilst you are cooking up a storm with our recipe book, why not check the origin of the flour you are using and the story behind it. Who farmed it, why they are in the industry and how that product got into your hand. You can see a map, watch a video or browse photographs. We wanted to create a free, downloadable resource for our customers, so they too can make amazing creations, just like the chefs who have curated these fantastic recipes. We have even included my grandmother’s recipe, that has been handed down from generation to generation,” adds Kennedy.

Established in 1988, Kialla Pure Foods is one of Australia’s first certified organic grain mills. Located near Toowoomba, Queensland, they source over twenty different grains from a wide range of certified organic growers. Kialla is 100% committed to using organic methods and building integrity in the food chain, plus ensuring reliability and consistency in their products. By supporting organic farming, Kialla creates environmental sustainability and fair returns to farmers. Their sustainable ideology starts at the farm and works its way through the supply chain and ultimately to the consumer. They believe that focusing on sustainability and quality is not only profitable but also ecologically sound.

Sandra Tiltman at Recipe Book Launch at Al Taglio, Surry Hills

Sandra Tiltman at Recipe Book Launch at Al Taglio, Surry Hills

All grains received at the Kialla Mill are given a unique batch number on their packaging that allows people to trace the product back to the actual farmer. Using the batch number or QR code allows the consumer to follow it back to the source via the Plate2Farm Tracker. Photos, videos and maps show the farm, while stories about each farmer explain what’s involved in growing the product. The consumer is offered a virtual tour of the Kialla mill so they can see how the product is stored, treated, milled and the faces behind it all. The tracker covers a range of products including wheat, maize, kamut and oats grown in Australia as well as overseas.

The Plate2Farm Recipe Book is free to download at  

Sandra Tiltman   Photos: John Pond

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