The Actors Centre Australia and 107 Projects recently launched The New Plot at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern. The aim is to bring new Australian stories to the stage by developing the talent that makes them possible.

In attendance were some of Australia’s most acclaimed and accomplished stage professionals, including international award winning director Gale Edwards, playwright Stephen Sewell and ACA CEO and Chairman of The New Plot, Dean Carey.

The New Plot, undertaken as a joint initiative between Actors Centre Australia and 107 Projects, is a national playwriting award aimed at growing the vast amount of Australian stage talent and unearthing the next great Australian playwright.


The New Plot Ambassador, Gale Edwards’ introductory speech was particularly rousing and touched on the importance of plays and performing in maintaining the identities of both ourselves and our nation. “If a play defines our universal humanity, it also reflects our national identity. Our Australian culture is reflected back to us” Gale Edwards commented as part of an address that provided insights into the role of the playwright and the important connection between playwright and director.

Actors from Actors Centre Australia performed an original work, much to the delight of the crowd, which bought the power of the spoken word into the room.

Sandra Tiltman


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