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Driving with a dashcam gives you the security of being able to provide accurate, unbiased and detailed evidence should anything go wrong.

A world leader with more than 20 years experience in design, manufacture and marketing of global positioning system (GPS) products, Navman has launched the ultimate driving accessory.

Sandra Tiltman checks out Navman range

Sandra Tiltman checks out Navman range

The MiVUE Drive FHD offers enhanced camera and GPS features combined with a GPS and dashcam, giving motorists the best of both worlds – great navigational features and a safeguard on the roads. Wendy Hammond, Country Director Navman Australia said “It’s everything a driver needs in the car. The GPS side will provide the best navigational and safety features to help with the everyday drive, while the dashcam will continually record in full HD in case of an accident to protect drivers from fraudulent accident claims, road rage incidents and providing evidence for insurance when an accident has occurred.”

Providing live traffic updates and Bluetooth handsfree, other GPS features include lifetime free Australian and New Zealand maps, spoken safety alerts such as verbal warnings for red light cameras, speed cameras and school zone alerts during school zone hours, as well as landmark guidance which points out petrol stations, traffic lights and churches plus premium driver alerts that use audio to warn of potential dangerous changes to the road.

The dashcam captures in full HD 1080p quality footage with a wide angle view and F1.8 aperture gives a clearer image in low light conditions. A 3-Axis G-Shock Sensor detects the direction of an impact and records how it happened. Connecting the device to MiVUE Manager software provides more information about an incident such as timing, GPS co-ordinates and speed, which can help prove who is at fault when an accident occurs.

IMG_9693 (1)Navman’s entry level MiVUE 630 was created to accurately record evidence to show what happened in an accident. The optimised day/night recording in full high definition 1080p quality means that footage is filmed clearly. The g-shock sensor records the direction and speed of impact and the built-in GPS tracking gives the co-ordinates of exactly where an incident occurred. This can be seen on the MiVUE Manager, Navman’s desktop software, as well as download footage needed to send to police or upload to YouTube.

The MiVUE 660 has a large 2.7“ screen as well as a photo mode, which means the device can record time-stamped, geo-coded photographs that can be used as evidence for insurance claims. This dashcam comes with headlight alert to switch headlights on in low light areas, as well as driver fatigue alert to warn if you have been driving for over two hours without a break.

I found the lane departure warning system, which activates at 60km/h speed, to be one of the most useful features, as well as the front collision alert that chimes when I am travelling too close to the vehicle in front. I won’t give any more of my bad driving secrets away, except to say that I could not drive without my Navman. http://www.navman.com.au

Sandra Tiltman    Photos: John Pond & Navman


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