Bondi Beach recently attracted interested onlookers who came to view a ‘see through loo’, which was located on the promenade beside the iconic Bathing Pavilion.

The ‘see through loo’ was on display to raise awareness for the global sanitation crisis and the sad fact that 1 in 3 women worldwide don’t have access to a toilet. Because these women don’t have access to a toilet, they are forced to go out in the open where they risk attack, shame, rape and deadly disease.

DSC09475 (1)Quick to draw a crowd, this ‘see through loo’ gave those who were interested, the opportunity to experience what life would be like without the clean bathrooms we have become accustomed to.

Domestos has partnered with UNICEF and pledge to globally help 25 million people get access to a clean and safe toilet by 2020. Women are particularly vulnerable to the sanitation crisis, as the lack of access to a safe toilet exposes them to the risk of violence and harassment, plus it affects school attendance, thereby perpetuating cycles of inequality. Women and girls living without a toilet spend 97 billion hours each year looking for a private place to go. Time that could be much better utilised.

Krstina Nicolai, Domestos Brand Manager said “Domestos is passionate about supporting this campaign as we know how vital toilets are in empowering women and giving them a better future. We are urging all Australians to take notice and take action. We have committed to build toilets in communities where they are needed and every bottle of Domestos sold makes a contribution”.

Felicity Wever, Head of International Programs at UNICEF Australia added “The partnership is enabling UNICEF to reach vulnerable girls, women and families around the world to provide access to proper sanitation facilities to reduce the spread of disease and improve education outcomes”.

Every specially marked bottle of Domestos sold from July to December 2016 contributes directly to tackling the global sanitation crisis.

Sandra Tiltman     Photos: John Pond

Girls gather outside a school after attending a Participatory learning and action session at a school in village Ghadoli, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh.

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