Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins and Jesse Polock from Bondi Rescue with Winner Issaac Martin

Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins and Jesse Polock from Bondi Rescue with Winner Issac Martin

Two of the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards were at the recent opening of Baste’d, a new burger & bowl pop-up shop in the heart of Darlinghurst, at the corner of Crown & Oxford Streets, launched by the founder of Oporto.

Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins and Jesse Polock from Bondi Rescue were there to make a splash and join in the excitement by taking part in a burger eating contest, chowing down on the legendary “Chilli Lifeguard” and the delicious 12 hour slow cooked and sauce grilled wagyu beef “Jo’Burger”.

Before the contest started, Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins, Bondi Rescue’s head lifeguard said “Being a life guard means facing tough challenges every day, thankfully this burger eating competition will not just be tough, but also delicious.”

DSC09437 (2)Both Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins and Jesse Polock were no match for Issac Eats-A-Lot (Issac Martin) who won the competition by eating 5 burgers in 5 minutes and was awarded the trophy.

My two favourite burgers were “The Chilli Lifeguard”, a marinated chicken tenderloin, crumbed, with mayo, cheddar cheese, cos lettuce and tomato on a semi-brioche sesame seed bun drizzled with Baste’d’s famous chilli sauce and “The Jo’Burger”, a beef brisket burger, made from 12 hour slow cooked wagyu beef brisket with slaw, shallots, caremelised onion, dill pickles and cheddar cheese on a semi-brioche bun.

Vegetarians are also catered for with “The Fun Guy”, a burger of oven roasted field mushrooms basted in homemade pesto mayo with shredded cheddar and house slaw, drizzled in balsamic reduction on a toasted semi-brioche bun.

For desert, the “Little Bombers” ice cream sliders round off the meal. A mini toasted semi-brioche bun filled with melted chocolate, ice cream and crushed Oreos.

Sandra Tiltman    Photos: John Pond

DSC09373 (2)


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