Performing at The Studio, Sydney Opera House on 19 & 20 May 2016 is “Water Angel”, the fourth production of Can You See Me? Theatre, an initiative of Cerebral Palsy Alliance that brings together people with complex disabilities and able-bodied professional actors, to create a theatre performance based on the life and experiences of people with disabilities.

Emily Dash is an accomplished 25 year old with many achievements under her belt, from actor and public speaker to writer and now director, but what Emily finds difficult is that people often define her more by the fact that she has cerebral palsy. “It can be disappointing and frustrating to often be defined by others according to my limitations rather than my abilities and achievements,” said Emily. “I am much more interested in people setting high expectations for me – I’m keen to strive and reach for the stars.” That is exactly what Emily is doing through her assistant producing debut with the theatre production “Water Angel”.

Kylie Harris, the production’s director showing Emily the ropes, explains that “Water Angel” will open people’s minds to ideas about what brings joy and meaning to a life. “We have already achieved so much more than people thought was possible. Our long-term vision is hitting the stage in New York. Our performers are just as deserving as anyone to be on the world’s premier stages!” said Kylie.

Rob White, CEO of Cerebral Palsy Alliance believes Can You See Me? Theatre is breaking boundaries through its innovative approach and is vital to the wellbeing of people living with cerebral palsy, their families and the broader community. http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com

Sandra Tiltman     Photo: John Pond


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