February 4, 2016


To capitalise on Cathay Pacific’s high international brand recognition, Cathay Pacific Group is aligning their two brands, with Dragonair to be rebranded as Cathay Dragon. The rebranding will leverage on Cathay Dragon’s unique connectivity into Mainland China. The two will remain as separate airlines, operating under their own licences and both airlines’ customers will benefit from greater convenience and a more seamless travel experience.

Since becaming a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific in 2006, Dragonair has added 23 new destinations, with the number of passengers travelling across both carriers growing to more than 7 million in 2015. Combined annual passenger numbers of the two airlines grew from 22 million to more than 34 million last year, made possible by Cathay Pacific Group’s efforts to channel international passengers to and from Mainland China, regional and long-haul markets through Hong Kong International Airport.


A new livery will be created for Cathay Dragon that features a Cathay-style brushwing logo. The Chinese dragon emblem, well known throughout the region, has been retained in the redesign, although subtly updated and will feature on the nose of every aircraft. This livery will appear for the first time on one of Cathay Dragon’s Airbus A330-300 aircraft in April and will be progressively introduced to the rest of the airline’s fleet.

Cathay Pacific’s Chief Executive Ivan Chu said: “We are very proud of what we have achieved together. Cathay Dragon is a brand that will be recognisably part of the Cathay Pacific Group for our customers from different parts of the world. The rebranding will enable us to capture the fast growing passenger flows across the two carriers by creating a more seamless travel experience.
We are building on what is a true Hong Kong success story that has made our city a leading international aviation hub and gateway to and from Mainland China markets. This rebranding will sharpen our competitive edge by offering an attractive Cathay led brand package that carries the assurance of a consistently high quality customer experience.”

Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific will offer a premium in-flight experience, with each airline having its own distinct personality that reflects the specific needs of their passengers, such as in-flight meals, which will continue Dragonair’s tradition of providing the best of Chinese and Hong Kong cuisine.

Cathay Dragon’s Chief Executive Officer Algernon Yau said: “We can assure our customers that Cathay Dragon will continue to provide the same high level of products and services that made us a four time winner of the World’s Best Regional Airline award. We will have the same dedicated team continuing to offer their friendly and caring service style. We will also continue to build on our experience and understanding of what our passengers like and treasure, such as specialty Chinese and Asian dishes as well as popular local Hong Kong snacks.”

Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific will provide a seamless brand experience that truly enables a Life Well Travelled.

Sandra Tiltman