Sandra Tillman boarding Masteka II for App Launch

Sandra Tiltman boarding Masteka II for App Launch

Brandon Reynolds (21) and Jarrad Hrotek (22), two young tech entrepreneurs from Adelaide, recently launched their SOCIABL celebrity video chat charity app in Sydney aboard the multi-million dollar superyacht Masteka II.

Brandon Reynolds

Brandon Reynolds

SOCIABL, the brainchild of this dynamic duo, offers an intimate one-on-one video call with your favourite idol and with half of the proceeds going to charity. Along with your live call, you will have a digital copy to remember as well as share your experience.


SOCIABL co-founder Brandon Reynolds said “I’ve always loved the power of celebrity. With the fast development of social media and the interaction between stars and their fans increasing I feel that SOCIABL is a natural progression.  It offers the opportunity of a more intimate and unique relationship for people to meet their idols and raises money for charity at the same time.”


The future looks promising, with SOCIABL expecting more celebrities to sign up daily. It is a far cry from its humble beginnings when Brandon, at the age of 19, tracked down the contact details of every person on the BRW rich 200 list and pitched them the concept of SOCIABL for funding. Brandon heard back

Jarrad Hrotek

Jarrad Hrotek

from 20 members of the rich list, then got interviews with 5 of them. One invested $50,000. In his second round of seed funding, it has been said Brandon rejected an offer from a BRW rich lister to own 50% of the company for $2.5million and now finds himself heading up a purportedly $9million dollar company at 21 years of age.

 Sandra Tiltman     Photos: John Pond

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