Abby Earl - Flickerfest's "Marilyn"

Abby Earl – Flickerfest’s “Marilyn”

FLiCKERFEST, Australia’s only Academy® accredited and BAFTA recognised short film festival, recently held their official launch event to kick off the summer film festival season for 2016.

Celebrating its 25th year, the launch was held at Icebergs Dining Room & Bar, overlooking Bondi Beach where Festival Director, Bronwyn Kidd, who continues to be the driving force behind FLiCKERFEST, spoke to the crowd about the sensational year to come. Once again, Bronwyn and the selection committee have received record numbers of film submissions (over 2,400 this year) and will tailor the 2016 programme to showcase the very best 100 films to audiences across Australia from January until May.

Those present enjoyed a night of entertainment, including world premiers of the official FLiCKERFEST trailer as well as a witty and moving short film developed and produced through The Exchange program, an initiative of Screen Australia’s Indigenous department.

Guests were treated to a world premier screening of the witty and moving, drama, “Nan And A Whole Lot Of Trouble” produced by Lois Randall, written by Sue McPherson and directed by Dena Curtis. Starring Noeleen Shearer, Pamela Young and Amba-Rose Atkinson, I really enjoyed watching this story which was told with warmth and humour. The film tackles cultural taboos around death and grief, highlighting the complexities and tensions that arise around culture, traditional and identity in a modern multicultural community, even within one family.
Another exciting part of the evening was watching the official FLiCKERFEST trailer which was unveiled for the very first time. Written and directed by talented Flickerfest alumni DSC07859Kacie Anning, the trailer sees a glamorous Marilyn Monroe (played by the gorgeous Abby Earl) descend upon Bondi Beach. The play on ‘Marilyn comes to Bondi’ culminates in Marilyn singing a very well deserved ‘happy birthday to Flickerfest’. Abby Earl leads a star-studded cast with additional appearances from Callan McAuliffe (The Great Gatsby, Flipped, I Am Number Four), Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins (Bondi Rescue) and Roy Billing (Underbelly – A Tale Of Two Cities).

FLiCKERFEST is second to none on the Australian short film festival circuit with loyal patrons of the event continuing to support the much loved and respected fixture on Sydney’s summer calendar. A selection of the festival’s fans who made it along to the launch included Alyssa McClelland, Anna Bamford, Abby Earl, Matt Day, Adrienne Pickering, Damian Walshe-Howling and Roy Billing to name a few.

Playing at the Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach from 8 January until 17 January 2016, FLiCKERFEST will run for ten days before taking the rest of the country by storm. The festival will screen at 50+ venues across Australia between January and May.

Tickets on sale and full programme released on 18 December 2015. Go to FLiCKERFEST website www.flickerfest.com.au for all the details.

Sandra Tiltman   

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