The Genesian Theatre in Sydney’s Kent Street is performing one of the world’s most famous classic plays for its current production, “Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov which is directed by Timothy Bennett with Associate Director, Roger Gimblett. Brian Friel’s 1981 translation brings Chekhov’s play to life, making it relevant for a modern audience.

First performed at the Moscow Art Theatre in 1901, “Three Sisters” showcases the everyday lives and dreams of Olga, Masha, and Irina. Now living in a provincial town, the sisters long to escape back to their previous life in Moscow, but their hopes for a life more suited to their cultivated tastes and sensibilities are continually thwarted by daily events.

The play is set mainly in the drawing room of the house they share with their brother Andrey (Tom Massey) and his haughty wife Natasha (Susan Farrell), who continually puts a strain on life in the household.

Elizabeth MacGregor plays eldest sister Olga, bringing her character to life, complete with constant migraines and complaints about her job as a teacher at the local school.

The only sister who seems to be enjoying herself, with a devoted husband as well as an army officer who also adores her, is middle sister Masha, played with great aplomb by Lana Kershaw.

Youngest sister Irina, played by Dominique Nesbitt, is desperate to move back to Moscow but seems resolved to her fate, whatever is thrown her way.

This excellent production runs until 14th November 2015, with performances on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 pm
plus a Sunday matinée at 4.30 pm.

Sandra Tiltman

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