Featherweight_61cm_Strawberry RedFashion conscious trendy travellers who always want to look their best are just as particular when choosing the luggage they wish to take on their trips. Turning up at a five star hotel with old, battered suitcases is not the image they want to project. Paklite has now come to the rescue of “ladies who luggage” with their new Featherweight collection. Of particular interest to these on trend travellers will be the brand new colour of Strawberry Red – not quite pink, not quite red, but definitely the new fashion forward colour choice that will turn heads and make a statement at any destination.

To add further variety, the Featherweight microlite collection is also available in black and fuchsia, so fashionistas can co-ordinate their overall look when planning their trip. The luggage is designed with strength and durability in mind, while still being one of the lightest and most stylish options on the market, so not only does it look good, it is good.

The expandable front compartments allows for extra carrying capacity and the large front pocket on the Featherweight luggage means no skimping on what you want to pack, plus all the external pockets are lockable. The fully lined interior with foam padding and the microweave rip-stop fabric construction provides the user with confidence, knowing that their precious contents are safe, no matter what sort of rough treatment the suitcase receives from airline baggage handlers.

The large trolley case is great for extended travel, while the medium sized version is ideal for light travel. The small case fits in overhead luggage racks without a problem and is the perfect on-board accessory.

The new hi-tech Slide Safe luggage range is perfect for the security conscious traveler as it features the latest in technology – innovative zippers, detachable wheels and identity theft blocking.

The TSA approved locks help keep intruders out and the zippers, with a twin zip feature on all main compartments, prevent thieves from piercing the zip and stealing belongings.

The cabin size model also features Paklite’s RFID blocking pocket that prevents identity fraud as you travel the globe, by blocking identity details from unlawful scanning devices.

Damaged luggage wheels are now a thing of the past with Slide Safe’s latest modern air travel innovation, detachable wheels.  Slide Safe cases give travellers the option to remove wheels, then reattach them quickly with ease.

The Slide Safe luggage range is available in deep purple, desert storm and black, allowing the smart traveller to be fashionable as well as security conscious.

I find having bright coloured luggage makes it so much easier to identify my case on the carousel, it also deters thieves.

Sandra Tiltman


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    Nice piece of luggage but no RRP$$$?

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