Juliet Love’s creative and informative new book, “Love Style”, is packed full of helpful decorating ideas, complete with beautiful photographic images to illustrate the text. Stylist, Interior Designer and Television Host, Juliet will inspire anyone who reads the book to look around their home to seek out areas where they can make enhancements

Published by New Holland Publishers Australia, this easy to read coffee table book is the perfect gift for all first time home buyers, those moving into their first apartment or indeed anyone who wants to update the décor of their home to give it an exciting new look.

Juliet commenced her career at Vogue Living, working for clients that included Christian Dior, Home Beautiful, The LifeStyle Channel and now operates her own business, Love Style, which aims to show how a beautiful environment can make a positive difference to our lives.

DSC07650The best interiors are both beautiful as well as functional. Blending old with new, such as a vintage mirror, can look very chic and that changing your cushions, as well as mixing sizes and shapes, is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update the look of a room, for a stylish look.

To refresh a dated bathroom, enamel baths and basins can be resurfaced, making them appear new and clever design tricks in small bathrooms can give the illusion of more space, like using wallpaper with a wide horizontal stripe.

Visual tricks play an important role in making a small area seem larger. Use the same colour on both the walls and ceiling, especially a light neutral shade, or hang artworks lower on the wall and steer away from bright feature walls. Don’t forget mirrors are very effective when trying to create the illusion of space. Low furniture works well in small spaces as it interrupts the eye line, so avoid using tall furniture. Another tip is to bring furniture in from the walls, even just a few inches, as this creates volume around it, resulting in the appearance of a larger space.

Home offices have become an essential space in many abodes, but these need to be orderly, functional and streamlined spaces. Purpose made office furniture is not the most interesting, so home decorators can use their flair in choosing out of the ordinary items which can work quite well, such as an old door for a desk. It’s imperative to locate the office away from the main living areas of the home so there won’t be too many distractions and always make the most of natural light.

Juliet stresses the importance of setting a budget when planning any renovations, as overspending is a huge issue. Keep track of expenses by using a computerised spreadsheet and add a contingency fund of at least 15% for any unforeseen expenses.

Love Style will provide the reader with the confidence to change their environment and take on the challenge of updating their home, turning it into a sanctuary where they will want to spend their leisure hours surrounded by all the things they love.

Sandra Tiltman


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