Aqua Mekong Exterior View - High Resolution (2)

In just eight years, Aqua Expeditions has become a recognised leader in luxury small ship cruising on the world’s greatest rivers.

The architect designed, custom built 12 suite Aqua Amazon and 16 suite Aria Amazon cruise ships have brought luxury cruising to the Amazon River in Peru, offering travellers nature based, professionally guided adventures combined with sophisticated 5 star boutique hotel accommodation and gourmet cuisine.

Aqua Mekong Sun Deck - High Resolution

In October 2014, building on the growing interest among travellers in small ship cruising, Aqua Expeditions launched the 20 suite Aqua Mekong on the historic Mekong River between Cambodia and Vietnam. To celebrate the first anniversary of Aqua Mekong, Aqua Expeditions have unveiled some exciting new adventures for guests of Aqua Mekong’s cruises along the Mekong River.

The leader in luxury small ship cruising, Aqua Expeditions is continually researching new opportunities for guests travelling aboard the luxurious boutique Aqua Mekong cruiser to experience fresh and novel local adventures, cultural experiences and outdoor activities which showcase the richness of Southeast Asia.

The sleek and contemporary Aqua Mekong is the only vessel on the Mekong River to operate private tenders, with a fleet of four aluminium launch boats and bikes taking guests to fascinating local settings not accessible to other cruise companies. All excursions are limited to ten guests per guide.

The adventures transport guests by boat, foot and bike, past pastoral Khmer scenes of sugar palm fronds, emerald rice fields, floating markets and families travelling by ox cart while they enjoy meet and greet encounters with local villagers, artisans and Buddhist monks.

To bring Aqua Mekong passengers deeper than ever into this tropical landscape that has long captivated the imagination of foreign explorers, one can head out on invigorating new excursions by bicycle, tuk tuks or kayak. A unique way to observe the exotic rituals of daily life along the mighty Mekong is on two wheels, stopping to photograph catfish sellers, the planting of rice paddies or local children playing with the family’s domesticated water buffalo.

Guests can hop on the bikes to explore the picturesque riverbanks of the Mekong River and stay fit cycling the flat paved and dirt trails while discovering, at their leisure, local village life.

Aqua Mekong passengers have the option of 8 to 15 kilometre biking routes to say hello to a crimson robed monk, photograph stilted Khmer houses and ornately embellished pagodas or, perhaps, enjoy an invitation from a new friend to dine in their nearby home. These all-terrain touring bikes are available for both adults and children.

Why not take advantage of eight double-kayaks throughout various locations in Cambodia. For example, kayaking in Oknha Tey, guests can paddle to see local silk weavers at work, or kayak the Moat Khla region by Tonle Sap Lake or in the waterways in the Kampong Chnnang Province.

Whether it is on two wheels, in a boat, kayak or on foot, Aqua Expeditions treats all guests with active ways to explore and discover life along the mighty Mekong.

Aqua Mekong cruises offer a choice of 3 night Discovery Cruises, 4 night Explorer Cruises or 7night Expedition Cruises, inclusive of all on-board meals and scheduled shore activities.

Sandra Tiltman


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