Circus Rowan Thomas, 2014 NICA graduate_Photo by Julian Meehan Photography_LR

Want to run away and join the circus? The National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) has put out the call for people around Australia with a dream of a professional career in performing and some background in physical training such as circus, sport, dance, physical theatre, gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, diving or trampoline. NICA offers Australia’s only Bachelor of Circus Arts, a three year university degree conducted at its Melbourne campus.

Entry into the Bachelor of Circus Arts is highly competitive and attracts applicants from across Australia and overseas. The course is accredited by Swinburne University and training takes place in the custom built circus facilities on its Prahran campus.

NICA will be holding pre-audition circus workshops across all Australian states during the June/July school holidays, prior to auditions for the 2016 course intake. Aspiring circus artists can register to brush up their skills before the auditions begin in September. Those with a flair for the physical and a desire for a challenge should consider attending the workshops. A background in circus is not necessary.

This year, pre-audition workshops will be held in more locations around Australia than ever before, including a number of cities not previously visited such as Byron Bay. Other workshop locations include Melbourne, Darwin, Albury, Brisbane, Fremantle, Sydney, Ulverstone, Cairns, Adelaide and Canberra.

The workshops will focus on the audition requirements for NICA’s accredited courses, including flexibility, handstands, tumbling, strength & conditioning, movement and performance.

Past graduates from NICA, who are now professional circus performers and trainers in their own right, will facilitate all workshops and will be able to answer any questions participants may have about the degree and life as a circus performer.

In Melbourne, the workshop will be held at NICA’s own state of the art facilities in Prahran over two days. On the second day of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to experience a typical day of training at NICA, including engaging in aerial apparatus, manipulation and group acrobalance, however, the workshops held outside Melbourne will run for one day only.

NICA graduates have established successful careers in Australia and internationally with acclaimed companies including Circus Oz, Circa, NoFit State and Cirque du Soleil. NICA’s Executive Director Rose Stephens says, “This year, all of us at NICA are very pleased to be able to offer the pre-audition workshops to more cities around Australia than ever before. As Australia’s National Circus Institute, we want to attract the very best potential talent from around Australia regardless of background or experience. These pre-audition workshops will help us to do that by going out into communities across Australia and giving prospective students the opportunity to hone their skills with our circus professionals.”

Sandra Tiltman


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