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Sujet Saenkham, owner and founder of some of Sydney’s best and most popular Thai restaurants, has recently launched his first cookbook, “Spice I Am”, featuring easy to follow recipes and practical advice, as well as tips on where to find essential ingredients for the Thai kitchen.

This beautifully photographed cookbook brings Thai restaurant classics to your kitchen. Whether you enjoy Sujet’s signature stir-fried crispy pork belly with basil or crispy prawn and lemongrass salad, or classics like Slow Cooked Massaman Beef Curry and Pad Thai, you will be inspired to put the take-away menus back in the drawer and start preparing delicious meals yourself.

Born in a small rural village in Central Thailand, Sujet discovered the joys of cooking and preparing food at an early age, spending hours working alongside his mother and grandparents. After studying science in Bangkok, Sujet made the move to Australia, where he studied hospitality and finally realised his dream of opening a restaurant of his own, Spice I Am in Surry Hills.

The Spice I Am collection of restaurants now features five restaurants in Sydney, the primary Spice I Am in Surry Hills along with eateries in Darlinghurst and Balmain plus a north-eastern Thai street food restaurant ‘House’, also in Surry Hills and the recently opened Surry Hills Eating House which focuses on the regional cuisine of southern Thailand.

The cookbook “Spice I Am” will inspire the home cook to prepare mouthwatering Thai feasts in their own kitchen.

Sandra Tiltman  

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