Now the Bondi Lifeguards, Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins, Trent “Maxi” Maxwell, Andrew “Reidy” Reid, Anthony “Harries” Carroll and Rod “Kerrbox” Kerr, have been immortalised in print, with the publication of “Stories From The Bondi Lifeguards”. Each lifeguard tells their personal story of what made them want to become a lifeguard and put their life on the line each day that they are on duty. The rigorous training they undergo, plus the level of fitness they need to achieve to pass the regular fitness checks, ensures these dedicated men are always ready to rush into action whenever an emergency arises.

To keep the beach safe, the Bondi Lifeguards put their lives at risk 365 days of the year. They know the currents, the rips, the tides and the dangers of Bondi Beach, as well as the beaches at neighbouring Tamarama and Bronte which they also patrol and keep safe.

Published by New Holland Publishers Australia, “Stories From The Bondi Lifeguards” highlights the Australian way of life, the benefits of mateship where people work together for a common goal and put helping others at the top of their list. This book is not only for Australians to enjoy, but would make a wonderful gift for people overseas or for tourists to take home to show off Australia’s charms to their friends.

Sandra Tiltman        

Photo: John Pond



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