Matthew Balkus & Lachlan McNab

Matthew Balkus & Lachlan McNab

The Genesian Theatre Company has selected another excellent and enjoyable play to kick off the year. “The Winslow Boy” will have you enthralled from start to finish, as you watch the drama unfold in the Winslow’s drawing room.

Following its recent Broadway and West End revivals, Terence Rattigan’s gripping drama “The Winslow Boy”, is now delighting audiences in Sydney at the Genesian Theatre in Kent Street. The play arises out of the celebrated trial in 1910 of George Archer-Shee, a 13 year old cadet at Osborne Naval College, accused of theft.

Sonya Kerr & David Prickett

Sonya Kerr & David Prickett

Set in 1911 as England fears a world war, striking workers and suffragettes agitating for the vote, “The Winslow Boy”, tells the story of Arthur Winslow’s battle to save his son’s honour. After learning that the Royal Naval College has expelled his son Ronnie for stealing a five shilling postal order, Winslow risks his fortune, his health and his family’s tranquility when he seeks Parliament’s permission to sue the Crown.

Directed by Nanette Frew and starring Matthew Balkus as Ronnie Winslow, David Stewart-Hunter as Arthur Winslow and Roger Gimblett as Sir Robert Morton. The excellent cast brings this tale from another era to life, making for a wonderful evening of theatre.

Playing until 14 February on Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. with a Sunday matinee at 4.30 p.m.

Operating for 70 years, the Genesians is Sydney’s most professional non-professional theatre, boasting among its alumni the likes of Bryan Brown, Baz Lurhman and John Bell.

Sandra Tiltman

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