The incredible life of John Olsen, one of Australia’s most famous artists, has been committed to print for future generations to enjoy, with the publication of his long awaited biography.

David Marr

David Marr

“John Olsen: An Artists Life”, written by Darleen Bungey, was recently launched at Woollahra’s OLSEN IRWIN Gallery by celebrated biographer, David Marr, who delighted the assembled crowd with his eloquent speech.

The highlight of the evening was John Olsen’s speech in which he acknowledged his thanks for his long and interesting life. Dressed in an off white coloured suit, with his famous black beret completing the outfit, John Olsen certainly cut an elegant figure.

When the speeches concluded, John Olsen took his seat to sign copies and write dedications for all those eagerly lining up, clutching the books they had purchased earlier in the evening.

An apt quote from Robert Hughes appears on the book’s cover “Everything I know about painting I learned in John Olsen’s old Victoria Street studio in Kings Cross”.

Guests mingled in the Gallery, admiring many of John Olsen’s paintings which adorned the walls.

   Sandra Tiltman    Photos: John Pond

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