Cyborg_78cm_RedAs the holiday season is approaching, many people are making plans for their annual vacation. Once the destination has been selected, choosing the correct luggage to accompany you on the trip is one of the most important decisions to be made. Whether it’s a long trip overseas, or just a short get away somewhere local, luggage is one of the most important items on your check-list.

When planning travel, luggage should not be thought of as a last minute item. The type of luggage selected, can make or break a travel experience.

Whether your trip involves a bus tour, staying at different hotels each evening and a lot of luggage handling, or a resort where the luggage is only handled on arrival and departure, will impact your decision on the style and strength of luggage to be purchased.

Knowing the rules at airports and understanding the role of airlines with regard to your luggage, is another important issue that can make the difference between a stress-free holiday and one fraught with security problems. Travellers need to research luggage options, weight allowances and security requirements.

Cyborg_78cm_BlueIt’s important to choose luggage that’s instantly recognisable. A bright coloured case is a better security option. The majority of travellers have black luggage which takes longer to identify on a luggage carousel, especially when tired after a long-haul flight. The longer the case sits on the carousel, the greater the chance for someone else to take off with it. Bright coloured luggage may deter thieves, as they are probably less likely to take off with an item that attracts attention.

TSA security locks are a must, as these locks enable security staff to access your luggage for inspection. Airline security at all US and UK airports hold a universal key. Security staff have the right to break non-TSA locks if inspection is required, often rendering the luggage defective.

If any damage occurs to your luggage, be sure to make a claim within 24 hours. Even without having travel insurance, you may be able to make a claim with the airline for luggage damaged in transit. The airline is less likely to resolve the issue if you wait more than 24 hours or have already left the airport.

Cyborg_78cm_Carbon 2When shopping for luggage, it makes good sense to tailor your luggage to your destination. Hard cases, such as Paklite’s Cyborg range, are the most stylish, durable and lightest option. They are ideal for air travel, keeping belongings safe when the case gets knocked about. Another point to remember is that they will look the part if you are staying at a 5-star venue, whether it’s a hotel, resort or cruise.

Soft cases, as the name suggests, can be a little bit more forgiving when it comes to squeezing between train seats, through narrow passageways and into aircraft overhead cabins. Once back at home, they can fold completely flat for easy storage.

Sandra Tiltman

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