Japan’s famous ramen brasserie, IPPUDO, recently opened its second Australian venue at Sydney’s new hot spot, Central at Central Park. Their focus is on ramen dishes, in a casual and relaxed ambience.

DSC04032In Japan, ramen is known as soul food and in Australia, IPPUDO offers authentic ramen with the highest quality soup, noodles and ingredients, using fresh local products and fuses them with Japanese elements.

At the opening function, once the traditional Sake Barrel Breaking Ceremony took place, guests enjoyed a bowl of IPPUDO’s authentic ramen. It was hard to choose between the two famous signature ramen dishes: Shiromaru Classic, the original white, pork-based broth ramen and Akamaru Modern, a bolder red broth seasoned with garlic oil and IPPUDO’s special-blended miso paste (Umami-dama). I tried the Shiromaru Classic and can highly recommend it.

Launched in Japan’s ramen capital of Hakata in 1985 by IPPUDO founder, Shigemi Kawahara, the internationally acclaimed Ramen King, known for revolutionising the ramen industry in Japan. Kawahara won his place in the Ramen Hall of Fame after three consecutive first place wins on a Japanese television program where ramen mavens compete to create the best ramen.

Kawahara’s empire now has 70 stores in Japan and 40 internationally. He commented “Through a humble bowl of ramen, I hope to spread the Japanese spirit around the world with ‘Smile’ and ‘Arigatou’.

Sandra Tiltman    Photos: John Pond.




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