Tasty treats from the Barossa region of South Australia were showcased in Sydney’s Paddington, when Barossa Homestead took over a terrace house for a pop up event over five days, as part of Good Food Month.

DSC04094A huge table, laden with produce made in the Barossa, was located in the front room of the terrace. Amongst the eyecatching and delicious foodstuff were loaves of bread, sliced salami, varieties of chutney, a quiche, olive oil, dukkah and several cheeses

Each day, a different group of food artisans displayed their wares and offered a selection of tastings to the delighted crowd, who were only too eager to try the various wines, cheeses, chocolates, coffee varieties and four flavours of ice cream.

Out on the terrace, a flavoursome pork sausage was cooked on the BBQ, while people tasted the home made beer.

One of the highlights on the day I visited, was the chef cooking two delicious varieties of pasta. The gnocci was exceptional.

I’ll have to make sure I squeeze in a visit to the Barossa soon.

Sandra Tiltman    Photos: John Pond 


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