Australia’s leading Spanish chocolate cafe, San Churro, has launched its new summer menu that’s full of refreshing desserts, just right for celebrations during the coming holiday season. Australians love getting out and about during summer and really enjoy socialising over food.

With over 100 delicious menu items, from ice cream sundaes to chocolate shakes and icy cold real fruit smoothies, San Churro has something to suit all palates and preferences. The classics like ice cream sundaes and shakes are what they do best and they have put a creative spin on these traditional summer staples to create an innovative and delicious range of refreshing drinks and light, summery treats.

Ice cream sundaes have been given a makeover and now choosing one is a delicious dilemma. The new Chocoholic’s Sundae, made with one whole chocolate brownie, chocolate fudge, melted chocolate and couverture chocolate ice cream is a show-stopper. Their new Raspberries & Cream Sundae was inspired by the Australian Iced Vovo biscuit and is a refreshing combination of white chocolate ice cream, shortbread crumble, raspberry jam coulis, coconut and fluffy pavlova meringue.

San Churro’s couverture chocolate shakes are drinkable desserts. Choose from ten flavours including the Peanut Butter Besos, Salted Choc Coconut and the fruity new Raspberry Ripe made with dark chocolate, real raspberries and coconut.

They also offer a range of icy cold and refreshing real fruit smoothies and mocktails. Why not try their new Pina Colada Mocktail or a lemon with fresh mint iced tea.

Bring on summer.   Sandra Tiltman      



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