Daylight Saving 31 Oct-30 NovA fast-paced comedy about love, loneliness, food and friendship is Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s final play in their inaugural season. Opening on 4 November at Eternity Playhouse, Daylight Saving, is an Australian romantic comedy set in the late 1980s. Felicity has it all – a successful Sydney restaurant, a home with water views and a handsome, successful husband. With the sudden visit by an old flame, infidelity could be on the cards. Felicity’s plans for a candle-lit reunion go awry when a string of unexpected visitors drop by.

Written by Australian playwright Nick Enright and directed by renowned theatre director Adam Cook, the stellar cast is led by Australian actress Rachel Gordon and multi award winning actor Christopher Stollery as husband and wife, Felicity and Tom.

Playing the role of Josh, an American professor of history and Felicity’s old high school flame, is the charming Ian Stenlake. Veteran stage and screen star Belinda Giblin will play the role of Bunty, Felicity’s loud, opinionated mother. Helpmann Award winner Helen Dallimore performs the role of Felicity’s intrusive and clueless neighbour Stephanie and Jacob Warner plays Jason, the famous tennis player managed by Tom.

In honour of the late Nick Enright, the Enright family is supporting Darlinghurst Theatre Company to produce three plays by the renowned Australian playwright, including Daylight Saving in 2014, as well as two other works in 2015 and 2016.

Sandra Tiltman    

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