In Venice on board Uniworld's "River Countess"

In Venice on board Uniworld’s “River Countess”

In the excitement of planning a trip, the priority for most people is selecting the destination. Once this has been decided on, the tickets booked, hotels chosen and research carried out on sightseeing activities, travellers begin to think about another important aspect of their trip, the luggage.

Whenever I travel, no matter the destination or the mode of transportation, I always take too many clothes. Not for me is the chore of washing out my clothes each evening, I take plenty of clothes to cover the entire time away. This then leads to selecting the correct sized suitcase that will not only hold all my clothing, but one that is light enough to keep the airline check-in staff happy. Every time I lift my cases onto their scales, I always keep my fingers crossed, hoping not to exceed the weight limit and be charged for being overweight.

On my recent month long trip to Europe, using multiple plane travel, two cruise ships and taxis from airports to hotels, I realised my itinerary could prove a challenge in selecting the best luggage. Obviously, my first priority was weight and size, due to the number of items I was taking with me, followed by strength and durability. Security was also a very important issue, so the suitcase needed to have locks that were tamper proof.

Arriving at Grand Hyatt Macau

Arriving at Grand Hyatt Macau

As there are never any porters around, except at hotels, strong wheels, allowing me easy maneuverability no matter what the surface, was next on my wish list. Another priority was to have a suitcase that would stand upright, with four wheels on the base, making it easy to glide the case along in any direction, rather than having to drag it behind me, as one has to do with the two wheeled variety 

After doing my research, Paklite’s new Jet-Lite range seemed to tick all the boxes. I decided on the Large Trolley Case (78x51x32) as my main piece of luggage that would go in the plane’s hold, plus their Small Trolley Case (56x36x23), which was so light, I never needed to ask an attendant to help me when accessing the plane’s overhead locker.

I was told that the Paklite Jet-Lite range, created specifically for airline travel, had been designed with a strong focus on style and innovation, being amongst the most lightweight and durable on the market. Having a metallic finish and made from 100% polycarbonate, used for making bulletproof glass, the cases are available in three colours. I chose “Gold Dust”, which made my case instantly recognisable on the luggage carousel, amongst the hundreds of black bags.

On returning home, I compared how they fared with my older black soft sided luggage. I am happy to report, considering the extensive workout I put them through, the cases arrived in Sydney with just a few minor scratches. Loaded on planes, ships, taxis and numerous hotel trolleys, my Paklite Jet-Lite cases performed extremely well. 

Sandra Tiltman      Photos: John Pond



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