What could be better during winter’s cold days and nights than to catch up with friends and family while enjoying a hot chocolate or socialising over a fondue made with chocolate buds for melting in a warmed ceramic fondue kit. Fondue parties were a popular feature of the mid-1970s home entertainment scene and have now come back into fashion, with a modern twist, to be enjoyed by a new generation who are discovering the joys of the fondue. Easy to prepare, fondues are the perfect solution for a quick and impressive bite to eat, when friends drop by after work.

San Churro’s own range of Spanish Hot Chocolate Mix, complete with instructions printed on the back, makes a perfect drink at home, every time. Nothing beats wrapping cold hands around a mug of steaming hot chocolate, hence the reason for the rounded shape of their range of colourful mugs.

I found my supplies at Harbourside, Darling Harbour where everything chocolate, that’s guaranteed to satisfy those winter cravings, can be found at Chocolateria San Churro.

Sandra Tiltman

Photo: John Pond

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