Now the weather is getting cooler and the sun has lost a lot of its summer strength, this does not mean we can put away the SPF creams and forget about skin protection. The winter sun can still cause damage to our skin.

The Cancer Council has for years provided Australians with trusted, high quality sun protection products. It has now introduced a range of high SPF cosmetics that enhance one’s natural beauty whilst providing broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

The newly repackaged Cosmetics range, all rated SPF 30, consists of 75mL Face Moisturiser, 50mL Foundation, 50mL BB Crème, 200mL Body Lotion, and Lipsticks and Lip Glosses, as well as Hand Cream to replenish dry skin 50mL.

As a person who covers herself with SPF 30 products and avoids the sun whenever possible, it’s fantastic to hear that the Cancer Council has a skin care and cosmetic range that I can feel confident in using. I always feel I can trust any product that they brand.

The Cancer Council has also released a new Professional Sunscreen for Scars, which is the ultimate sun protection to reduce the risk of skin cancer. The sunscreen is ideal for people who have had cosmetic corrections, mole removal, those who are concerned about a mole and those who simply want to protect skin from the sun.

Sandra Tiltman    Photo: John Pond


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