The Dough Collective, a new bakery and coffee shop, selling handcrafted breads that are baked on the premises throughout the day, has recently opened at 614 George Street, Sydney. The modern distinctive décor featuring rolling pins is sure to attract attention, along with the glass display cabinets full of tempting treats.

IMG_5019Chefs bake the bread to a timetable, with new bread varieties baked every hour. This means fresh bread is available immediately for sale. Check the timetable to see when your favourite bread is due to come out of the oven. Customers serve themselves, placing their selections on a tray, which they take to the cashier for payment.

They have perfected a unique yeasting process which allows the sweetness of the bread to occur naturally, so that the sugar content is low. Ingredients are sourced from all over the world and are used to create unique flavour combinations.

IMG_5023When I visited The Dough Collective I tried their delicious cheese and shallot scones along with a coffee. I was tempted by the Belgium chocolate and red wine toast but decided on the pumpkin and cream cheese bread to take home.

Charley Zhao, Managing Director of The Dough Collective, commented “We are delighted to be launching an innovative and ‘new wave’ bakery experience to Sydney and can’t wait to showcase our unique breads to every bread lover in the City.”

Sandra Tiltman    Photos: John Pond


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