Gigli Concert_dress rehearsal_Eternity Theatre

Considered to be one of the great Irish plays of the last century, “The Gigli Concert” by Tom Murphy is Darlinghurst Theatre Company and O’Punksky’s Theatre’s current production at the Eternity Playhouse.

The story takes place in the grungy flat that’s both home and consulting rooms for the main character, JPW King. Played by Patrick Dickson, JPW King is a quack psychiatrist with an insatiable taste for vodka, always asking himself how he is going to get through each day. When a mysterious Irishman, played by Maeliosa Stafford, walks into his office wanting to sing like the great Italian tenor Beniamino Gigli, things finally start to look up for JPW King. In between the Irishman’s visits, King’s lady friend, Mona, who is played by Kim Lewis, pops in to liven up the boredom of his existence.

Patrick Dickson, Maeliosa Stafford (c) Frank FarrugiaDirector John O’Hare is thrilled to be working with a true ensemble of great actors and commented “For me The Gigli Concert is a reflection of all that I am and potentially could be. This is a comedy with a Faustian pact at its heart. It is a wicked celebration of despair, which at the same time reminds me of the power of friendship to heal the deepest wounds”.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company Director Glenn Terry is very proud to be working with O’Punksky’s again. “John O’Hare, Patrick Dickson and Maeliosa Stafford are outstanding artists in their own right. Each has a professional theatre career and they come together as O’Punksky’s to create theatre that they feel deeply connected to and passionate about and they deliver standout productions of Irish drama.”

O’Punksky’s Theatre is a company rich in creativity, resilience and resourcefulness. The directors are all founding members who act, direct, design, write and have been producing plays since 1990.

The Gigli Concert is currently playing at Eternity Playhouse, Burton Street, Darlinghurst until 4 May 2014.

Sandra Tiltman      

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