Chocaholics all over Sydney will be converging on Darling Harbour’s San Churro Harbourside to try their new chocolate themed winter menu. Full of items that are perfect for sharing and guaranteed to satisfy winter chocolate cravings, this new menu even offers a Cinnamon Breakfast Churro, in answer to the Spanish tradition of eating churros for breakfast.

IMG_4958 Nothing beats wrapping cold hands around a mug of steaming hot chocolate. San Churro’s new range of El Grande Spanish Hot Chocolates are made to a traditional Spanish recipe and are the ultimate indulgence. The 17 different hot chocolates are rich, thick and served with a choice of toppings. I tried the crushed malt balls, but the chocolate biscuit crumble and the marshmallows looked very tempting.

Winter is the time for comfort foods and the Chocolate Volcano is worth making the trip just to try one. This fabulous rich chocolate fondant pudding comes complete with a gooey chocolate lava centre and to tempt you even further, it’s served warm with a side of vanilla ice cream.

Even in winter, you can still enjoy an ice cream sundae. Their Cookies and Cream Sundae with white chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate fudge, milk chocolate, crushed chocolate biscuits and chewy pieces of macaron meringue is one that will put temptation in front of you.


There’s a large selection of boxed chocolates and cakes on display to take home for later, plus a range of mugs. San Churro also has their own Hot Chocolate Mix, complete with instructions printed on the back, so you can make a perfect drink at home.

Sandra Tiltman    Photos: John Pond  

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