Julian R. Day with George Souris

Julian R. Day with George Souris

Launched recently in the Speakers Garden at Parliament House by NSW Minister for Tourism, George Souris, Julian’s book tells his inspirational story, from surviving cancer three times to recovering from a tumour that left him deaf in one ear.

Born in England, Julian came to Australia in 1986 and worked in the IT industry. Over the years, Julian has walked the entire New South Wales coastline, as close to the edge of the water as possible. Walking hundreds of kilometers from Tweed Heads to Cape Howe, at an average of 36km a day, these coast walks were planned and completed in the gaps between his industry responsibilities.

DSC_4221Amongst Julian’s six favourite half day and full day walks that are featured in the book are the 22km Crescent Head to Seal Rocks, 35km Ballina to Byron and the 18km Coffs Harbour to Emerald Beach.  These walks stood out due to their breathtaking coastline views and diverse scenery.

From the walks, Julian has many stories about the people who have helped him and friendships he has encountered, along with many amusing incidents. Surf Clubs have given him lifts in their Rubber Duckies plus he swam creeks and rivers while pushing his 35kg rucksack.

Julian is now trying to raise awareness and money for a new charity, “Waterline”, an initiative to get people to travel the whole of Australia’s waterline in 48 hours.  He aims to get as many people as he can across the nation either walking, running, cycling, paddling, kayaking, rowing or sailing.  Waterline is a grand vision that will take place on the first weekend of September 2014 and aims to involve as many as 200,000 people.

“Walking on a BOB or TWO” by Julian R. Day is available in both paperback or electronic versions www.beachwalker.com.au

Sandra Tiltman   


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