Soft drink commercials have traditionally been rather bland, featuring lots of smiling young people throwing a ball around on a beach, but not so with the latest national TV commercial for Schweppes, the famous maker of soft drinks; indeed where would gin and whisky be without the enhancement of a splash of Schweppes tonic or soda water.

In this new commercial, which hit the screens in March, Schweppes have created Australia’s fine dining food fight. An elegant restaurant turns into bedlam when the sophisticated diners decide to have some fun and start throwing their food at each other instead of eating it.

IMG_4763Three hatted Chef Martin Benn from Sydney’s Sepia restaurant was engaged to create a mouth watering menu, inspired by the adult flavours of the Schweppes Mineral Water range. The menu featured a viscous Pumpkin, Parmesan and Rosemary ‘Sloop’, a colourful Beetroot, Goats Cheese and Rye Tart ‘Surprise’ and an Exploding ‘Bombe’ Alaska.  All these delicious dishes were designed for maximum impact in the first ever “Schweppes Mineral Water Adult Fancy Food Fight”.

Chef Benn spent weeks trialling the food, both for taste and trajectory and said “My favourite dish has to be the Golden Egg. Not only do the flavours of the ginger cream, yolk and the Schweppes Orange & Passionfruit Mineral Water come together beautifully, but the theatre created when it is thrown is really exciting to see.” To give the public a special taste of Schweppervescence, the Golden Egg from the Schweppes Mineral Water Fancy Food Fight menu will be available at Sepia from March 2014.

Sandra Tiltman Photo: John Pond plus screen shot from commercial

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