March 20, 2014


East Sydney has always been famous as a hub of Italian eateries, from high end restaurants to the more casual cafes serving pasta, or just a pleasant area to enjoy great coffee and gelato in the many indoor or outdoor cafes.

IMG_4904Burton Street can now lay claim to having one of the best café/bars in this neighbourhood, known for its café culture. Nicola Tozzi, former owner of the Sugareef nightclub, recently opened “Fiore Café & Bar” near the corner of Crown Street.

I dined at Fiore recently and chose to sit outside to take advantage of the warm evening. Instead of a glass of wine, I decided to try one of their fabulous cocktails. Asking the barman to surprise me, which indeed he did, serving the most delicious green cocktail, a combination of Midori, vodka and half a passionfruit floating on the top.  This cocktail alone warrants a second visit.

As Fiore Café and Bar specialises in “Tagliere”, an authentic Italian platter made up of fresh, flavoursome imported Italian products, I had to taste one of these.  I certainly was not disappointed with my platter of prosciutto ham, rockmelon slices, bocconcini cheese, tomatoes, mortadella and three varieties of baked quiche.

IMG_4899 (1)I then put myself in Nicola Tozzi’s hands, to bring a selection of his wonderful food.

Fresh figs, whitebait fritters, mussels that were the best I have tried, along with fresh bread, followed by slices of three fruit flans and of course, the piece de resistance, a serving of tira misu.

Each morning Tozzi visits the markets and buys the freshest and best produce, so whenever you visit Fiore the menu experience is different.

Fiore is a delightful café to visit.  Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a coffee and cake, you are assured of receiving a warm welcome and immediately feeling at home.

Sandra Tiltman  Photos:  John Pond