March 7, 2014

Pinctada Beach Polo 4

Polo on the beach, can’t imagine this happening at Bondi Beach, but that’s exactly what’s in store for Broome’s Cable Beach on 24 & 25 May when one of Australia’s most anticipated beachside events, the Pinctada Cable Beach Polo Festival, will be held.

What a weekend this will be when Cable Beach replaces its famous camels with horses.

Featuring leading overseas and Australian polo players and their ponies, all vying for glory across two days of thrilling beach polo action, the Pinctada Cable Beach Polo Festival 2014 will culminate in an international clash

The polo ‘arena’ will be one of the most unique for this traditional game, which is usually played on manicured grass. All the action and vigour of the polo matches will be taking place on Cable Beach’s golden sands, against a backdrop of the Indian Ocean’s sparkling azure waters. Broome’s spectacular setting sun will signal the end of each day’s play.

One thing missing from beach polo will be the traditional half time activity of divot stamping, where spectators wander over the field and stamp down the torn up turf.

The ‘between chukka’ action will feature fashion themed spectator events on each day of the tournament.  Saturday’s “Sand Chic” and Sunday’s “Style on the Sand” female winners will receive Paspaley jewellery and the male winners will receive a limited edition 6-litre bottle of Bunnamagoo 1827 Cabernet Sauvignon, produced from the vines of historic Bunnamagoo Estate, one of the Paspaley family’s vineyards in central NSW.

One of the best vantage points to watch the sunset each evening, while enjoying a drink or two, is at the Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa’s famous Sunset Bar & Grill. Definitely a great way to relax after watching all the action.

Cable Beach SunsetThis extraordinary sporting spectacle is free to watch picnic style from the sand, but there is also an option to purchase tickets to the VIP marquee and mingle in barefoot elegance with the players and new friends from around the globe.

On Saturday night the celebration continues with Dinner Under The Stars. A limited number of tickets are available to join players on this magical night.

Pinctada Hotels owner & founder, Marilynne Paspaley said “It is one of the most exciting weekends imaginable. You don’t have to be a polo aficionado, rather it is just a wonderful way of experiencing the vibrancy and attractions of Broome. To party on Cable Beach, as the sun sets and the stars come out, is one of the great Australian holiday experiences. No wonder beach polo is called the sexiest sport on earth.”

The Cable Beach Polo is sponsored by Pinctada Hotels and Resorts, which has released special weekend packages for the Festival at its boutique Pinctada Cable Beach Resort. The packages are for travel between Friday 23 & Monday 26 May 2014 and are subject to availability.

Sandra Tiltman 


March 7, 2014

Financial Advisor Explaining Investment Plans To Senior Couple.

NSW Seniors Week runs from 15-23 March and older Australians are being advised to take control of their financial affairs and put the right measures in place for their financial and legal future. According to NSW Trustee & Guardian, far too often older people are misplaced in their trust of others to do the right thing for them and this can lead to financial abuse.

Sue Field, NSW Trustee & Guardian Fellow in Elder Law at the University of Western Sydney says while people often think they can hand over their affairs to one of their children, it is quite common for the siblings not to agree with their parents’ choice. “You really need to think about appointing a power of attorney sooner rather than later, if you begin to lose your mental capacity, it will be too late and you may be left unable to cope with your financial affairs. It is important for seniors to understand that while it may seem like a flattering responsibility they are handing to someone they know, the role of an Attorney is a delicate one with legal consequences for the Attorney if they mishandle finances” Sue said.

Imelda Dodds, CEO NSW Trustee & Guardian, advises seniors to carefully consider who they choose as their attorney under a Power of Attorney, as the role is not one to be taken lightly. “The role of an attorney is to manage your financial affairs, so the attorney needs to have the financial acumen to pay bills and look after bank accounts, and if required, the ability to manage investments such as income from shares and rental properties. It is an important role but one that many people see as purely the responsibility of their nearest and dearest regardless of their skill-set to fulfil this job.”

There is no charge to make a Will or set up an Enduring Power of Attorney with NSW Trustee & Guardian. Charges apply on estate administration only, or for a Power of Attorney, upon its activation. Similarly people who feel like they may be victims of financial abuse should seek advice as soon as possible.

During Seniors Week, NSW Trustee & Guardian is holding special Wills Days throughout the State.  Call 1300 364 103 to make an appointment and for general information visit

Sandra Tiltman