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Fiji and New Caledonia are now passé, having been favourite destinations on cruise itineraries for many years. Now it’s Papua New Guinea’s time to take the limelight as the new star that everyone wants to visit. Australian cruise travellers are always on the look out for somewhere new and exciting to visit that’s close to home.

There’s only one way to experience the mysterious world of Papua New Guinea and that’s on board “True North”. From culture and village life, to remarkable fishing and diving expeditions, their guests are privy to some of this magical region’s most extraordinary experiences. Daily activities include scenic walks, fishing, snorkelling, diving, picnics, cultural events and spectacular flights in the ship’s helicopter.

For those more interested in exploring underwater spectacles, the remote Admiralty Islands and Bagabag Island offer some of the most pristine coral reefs for divers and snorkelers. The mysterious Sepik River is high on every adventurer’s list but each itinerary offers its own unique set of experiences and activities with guests choosing to do as much or as little as they like.

True North Papua New Guinea Rainbow LR“True North” is Australia’s premier luxury adventure cruise ship and is purpose built to sail deep into the heart of the wilderness, visiting areas that larger ships cannot access. The 36 guests are tended to by a crew of 20 and are privy to only the highest quality experiences, courtesy of the on board biologist and a team of naturalists, a ship’s helicopter and six dedicated expedition boats.

Exceptional food and wine are served on board, with the modern Australian cuisine supplemented by locally sourced ingredients, complemented by a selection of Western Australian wines. Cabins are spacious and modern, plus there is a panoramic lower deck dining room, an alfresco bar and an observation lounge.

First visiting the wilds of PNG in 2005, “True North” has continued to foster and build on relationships with the local people in some of the most remote parts of the country. It’s these relationships that allow guests to visit communities that have remained largely unchanged by the pressures of the modern world, providing guests with the rich cultural and adventure experiences that await them in the “land of the unexpected”.

Peter Trembath, GM at North Star Cruises said “Papua New Guinea is one of the last true wilderness areas in the world. We’ve been exploring the region for a while now and we know that our itineraries leave an indelible mark on our guests. We encounter rich cultural and natural history in an almost pristine environment. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience.”

Each year “True North” explores this remote land in November and December with itineraries ranging from five to twelve nights.

Sandra Tiltman 


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