Who could resist an invitation to be at Bondi Beach for the launch of the new movement #WakeUpBeAMazing, even if it was a 6.45am start.

The Wake Up, Be Amazing movement is about rising early, seizing the day and having a delicious breakfast.

five:am organic yoghurt, who was behind the launch, believes that when you wake up early, you get a unique view of the world, a sense of clarity rarely seen throughout the day. Whether it’s a surf, yoga session or meditation the early morning is the perfect time to do something just for you.

Yoga 213 was on hand for an energising hip hop yoga class, followed by a fabulous nourishing breakfast. A tropical smoothie made with five:am natural yoghurt was a great way to start, followed by a selection of five:am organic yoghurt products.  I especially enjoyed their coconut and coffee flavoured yoghurts.

IMG_4444During breakfast, Aussie pro surfer Laura Enever and actress Jess Tovey spoke on why they loved to get up early and seize the day.

The menu also showcased special items curated by The Holistic Ingredient founder, Amy Crawford.  Her berry chocolate chia mousse featuring five:am natural no added sugar yoghurt along with an avocado, coconut & lemon cheesecake featuring five:am greek-style yoghurt were delicious.  It certainly made getting up early worth the effort.

Sandra Tiltman      Photos:  John Pond

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