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Cycling has risen from being purely a recreational pursuit, to becoming a popular way to commute to work over the last few years, especially with the building of specialised cycle lanes in Sydney, linking many inner city suburbs to the city centre.   With the growth in all things cycle related, from shops selling the latest models of bikes to co-ordinated cycling fashion and weekend bike riding clubs there is now a tour company catering to cyclists wanting to keep the wheels turning on their holidays.

Cycle Tours Global, for cyclists who tour and tourists who cycle, has announced the most popular bike tours that are aimed to appeal to those who love travelling on two wheels.

According to website Cycle Tours Global, a comprehensive search engine for the best bike tours on the planet, topping the list of the five most popular bicycle tours around the globe, are cycle trips down the world’s deepest valley in the Himalayas, through Vietnam and along the European route of ancient military commander Hannibal.

Currently, the most popular bike tour on Cycle Tours Global is the “Annapurna Fun Ride”, a 10 day easy to moderate round trip from Kathmandu, Nepal.  This tour takes riders from the alpine meadows of the Himalayas, through Buddhist villages and downhill through the deepest valley on earth between the 8000m plus peaks of Annapurna and Dhalagiri. Operated by Snowy Horizon Adventure, the tour runs weekly from September to November and March to May each year and includes mountain bike hire, lodge accommodation, all meals on the bike expedition, B&B accommodation in Kathmandu, a farewell dinner and two flights within Nepal.

The second most popular tour is “Vietnam by Bike”, a 15 day easy to moderate bike trip starting in Hanoi and ending in Ho Chi Minh City. The tour includes Halong Bay, Hue, Nha Trang and rides through the western highlands and paddy fields of Vietnam, visiting local villages. Including bike hire, 32 meals, snacks, fruit and water while in the saddle, hotel accommodation, an overnight train and a domestic flight in Vietnam, the tour is run by World Expeditions throughout the year.

Third in popularity is the “Hannibal Expedition”, a 27 day, 2400km moderate to advanced ride from Barcelona to Rome, tracing the epic 218 BC warpath of one of history’s greatest military commanders, Hannibal Barca, who led the ancient superpower of Carthage in a bloody battle against Rome. Feted as one of the world’s best bicycle routes, the tour takes riders over the Pyrenees, French Alps and the Apennines through some of the most beautiful cycling areas in Europe including Catalonia, Provence, Piedmont, Tuscany and Umbria. Operated by Ride and Seek Bike Tours in September 2014, includes accommodation and almost all meals.

The fourth most popular bike tour is a 7 day “Lot Valley Vistas and Villages” tour in France and the fifth is an 8 day “Loire Valley Bike and Barge” holiday.

Cycle Tours Global was launched this year by avid Australian cyclist, Bruce Robertson, as a hub for bicycle tours around the world.  For details of all tours    Sandra Tiltman 


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