Coast S6Neil Oliver, historian, archaeologist and presenter of acclaimed BBC TV series such as Coast, Vikings and A History of Ancient Britain, is coming to Sydney for a fascinating live show at the State Theatre on Wednesday, 4 December at 8 pm, presented by Lateral Events and BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand (ANZ). Neil Oliver – History in the Making will coincide with the broadcast of Oliver’s new series Coast Australia on Foxtel in December.

In History in the Making, Neil will bring British and Australian history to life and will give a unique insight into the intriguing and turbulent Dark Ages era in Britain, when King Arthur was rumoured to have held court and the Saxons and Vikings invaded.

“For me, the characters and events of the past are every bit as exciting as breaking news today. I want everyone to feel the same excitement about these stories as I do, even a sense of personal connection to them, so I am very much looking forward to presenting History in the Making live on stage in Sydney and Melbourne,” said Neil Oliver. “We’ll be evoking some of the most exciting periods of history and bringing them to life. If you’ll excuse the pun this will be a ground breaking experience!”

Neil will also discuss his new series Coast Australia, in which he has gathered stories, amazing facts and revelations about Australia’s own history, people, archaeology, geography and marine life. Neil has recently completed filming Coast Australia for The History Channel which starts Monday, 2 December at 7.30 pm.

Trained as an archaeologist and journalist, Neil made his television debut in the BBC’s Two Men in a Trench which featured Neil and close friend Tony Pollard visiting historic battlefields and recreating the battle situations using state of the art archaeological techniques.

Sandra Tiltman 

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