Abor. Makeup

LI’TYA, meaning ‘Of the Earth’ is Australia’s leading five star spa beauty range for skin, hair and body products.  Based on Indigenous Australian plants and healing principles, with a commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing, LI’TYA uses sustainably wild harvested, pure Australian botanicals and organic ingredients.

Using Indigenous plant knowledge and healing principles, pure essential oils and botanical bases with no synthetic fragrances, LI’TYA products are Australian made and owned.  They use responsible biodegradable recyclable packaging, natural and organically sourced ingredients and are never tested on animals.  Their products are used and stocked in a number of international and local leading day spas.

The native Australian ingredients and active extracts in the range are some of the most potent botanicals available. The Wild Rosella, Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu Plum, Cherry Alder and Quandong are exceptionally high in Vitamin C, exfoliating fruit acids and natural antioxidants.

Springtime for northeastern Aboriginals is known as “Kakkaba” the coming of the rains and the Bogong moth. This Kakkaba, LI’TYA is featuring a number of its best Spring products including Boronia Absolute Eye Serum, Wild Rosella Mist, Cherry Alder Hydrating Cream, Lillypilly Gel Cleanser and Mother of Pearl facial Polish.

LI’TYA’s tips for Spring health include:  Begin to refresh your body, emotions and spirit by using fresh foods grown above ground, preferably clean, organic produce.  Flush and hydrate your body with water, juices and herbal teas.  Create a daily routine of meditation and contemplation to help remain focused and clear on intentions.  Use hydrating, nutrient rich skin and hair care based on marine collagen, macadamia oil, plant based blends for cellular renewal and strength. Strengthen energy through activating pressure points and energy centers through the feet.

Sandra Tiltman 


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