DSC00010No need to visit the beautician any more when you want a facial, you can now have a facial at home after Essenzza, recently launched their all natural Fuss Free Facials.

Specialists in no-nonsense, affordable wellness products, the Essenzza Facial Masks are ready to be applied straight from the sachet. They are made using natural active ingredients and are designed to leave skin feeling smooth, clear and hydrated.

Using Japanese silk masks of the highest quality that cling to every inch of the skin, the silk mask is simple to use and easy to remove, giving the feeling of a luxurious salon treatment without the price tag.

I tried the Anti-Ageing & Antioxidant facial at home and found it really was as easy to use as the box said.   Following the directions, I got the mask in place and lay down to relax for thirty minutes.  When it was time to peel off the mask, it came away easily and left my skin feeling good, just as if I had been to the beautician.

The Fuss Free Facials are available in three varieties, Moisturise & Smooth, Anti-Ageing & Antioxidant and Cleanse & Exfoliate, with each box containing three sachets.

Sandra Tiltman    Photo:  John Pond


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