DSC00010Fresh from the pristine islands of New Zealand, the Ikana Easy Steam GreenshellTM Mussel range, was introduced to Australians only last year. Unique to New Zealand, they are one of the healthiest, most delicious, gourmet super foods available, combining the freshness of organically grown GreenshellTM Mussels with the gourmet delicacy of steam cooking.

Made with freshly prepared, chef inspired sauces, free from artificial flavours and colours, they are lightly blanched then snap frozen to lock in the flavours and goodness. They are packed in ʻeasy steamʼ trays which means they can be microwaved and cooked from frozen in just 5 minutes, perfect if unexpected guests pay you a visit.

Coming in two delicious sauces of White Wine & Cream and Soy & Ginger, I always have trouble deciding which I like the best. I thought the best solution was to just serve both of them, either with rice or pasta. My dinner guests were amazed that the mussels came from a packet instead of fresh from the fish shop.

Sandra Tiltman  

PHOTO:  John Pond

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