DSC00001During Sydney’s recent rain, my umbrella decided it had had enough when a gust of wind turned it inside out, leaving me stranded in the street with rain pelting down.

Without an umbrella, I ran into the nearest shopping arcade to purchase a new one to get me home dry.  Looking through the umbrellas on display a rather unusual one caught my eye.  It was a Blunt Umbrella, a brand I had not seen before. This umbrella’s ribs each had blunt tips which were covered in material, making them safe to use in crowded streets, unlike the more traditional umbrellas which almost cause injury to the person standing next to you.

This unusual umbrella was very easy to open and felt secure to use in the windy streets.  I came to the realisation that it was just a waste of money to buy another poor quality umberella that would let me down again, so I decided the Blunt umbrella was for me.

Designed by New Zealand engineer, Greig Brebner, this stylish urban umbrella would be at home in the streets of the world’s fashion capitals.  It was hard deciding which colour to select from the red, yellow, blue and black ones available in the shop, but I thought a yellow one would match my coat.

After trying the umbrella out on the way home, I decided to get the collapsible model as well, so I can keep it in my bag.  Now I don’t have to worry whether I will be caught in the rain.  Sandra Tiltman    Photo:  John Pond


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