BONDI VETBondi’s famous vet Chris Brown, now the popular host on TEN’s “The Living Room”, will be road-testing an eclectic mix of holiday destinations after going on an adventurous round the world trip in the previous season.

Chris has been well and truly bitten by the travel bug.  This time he’ll be travelling far and wide, jetting off each week to another amazing destination, exploring weird and wonderful travel hotspots plus seeking out surprising animal stories in Australia and abroad.  His first stop on the map is a Tasmanian road trip with his buddy and partner in crime Miguel Maestre.

It won’t be all fun and games for everyone’s favourite vet.  Chris will also be offering up his top tips and animal expertise in his Pet Studio.  Now’s your chance to get that naughty, peculiar or over indulged pet on the straight and narrow.

Since appearing on our screens in 2003 as the new vet on “Harry’s Practice”, Chris has gone on to become one of the most trusted and liked blokes on Australian TV.  Heading up TEN’s factual series “Bondi Vet” for five seasons, Chris is also a panel regular on “The Project”.  Chris released his first book in 2005 “Tales from a Bondi Vet” and currently writes a weekly pet advice column for “Woman’s Day” magazine.

When Chris has a spare minute to himself, he feels most at home when he’s at the beach, surfing and running.    Sandra Tiltman 

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