Blak, an exciting, new and physically dynamic work by Artistic Director Stephen Page and Choreographer/Dancer Daniel Riley McKinley, will be presented by Bangarra Dance Theatre at Sydney Opera House in June.

Blak is drawn from the artists’ urban perspectives, telling the stories of Indigenous Australia in powerful and moving dance theatre.  Exploding with stories about a contemporary clan and the collision of two worlds, the dynamic physicality is accompanied by a fusion of David Page’s soundscape, with the electronic mixes of Paul Mac.

Bangarra Dance Theatre is Australia’s premier national Indigenous performing arts company.  Under the brilliant and inspirational artistic direction of Stephen Page, Bangarra has strived to maintain the cultural integrity and spirit of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tradition, combining it with contemporary expressions of stories, dance and music to create unique theatrical experiences, and to deliver these experiences to audiences across Australia and around the world.

During the Sydney season of Blak, Bangarra will host a series of events to inspire and engage with up to five hundred of Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, particularly young people.

Artistic Director Stephen Page said, “Our dancers are great role models for Indigenous young people. They come from diverse backgrounds, some from remote and others from urban communities.  Each of them are part of the contemporary expression of over 40,000 years of continuous cultural practice.  They help young people to see the value of rekindling their culture and being proud of their identity.”

A Community Night performance of Blak will be held on 6 June at 8 pm with accessible tickets made available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences.  Bangarra Dance Theatre will subsidise this performance with low cost tickets for local Indigenous communities.

A Koori Kids Day performance will also be held on 12 June at 12.30 pm, where Bangarra’s artists in residence will make presentations about their work and the practices they employ to create new dance pieces.  After the performance, the students will have an opportunity to engage with Artistic Director, Stephen Page, and other Blak creative team members during a Q&A session, then meet members of Bangarra in the foyer.

For more information, contact or (02) 9251 5333.   Sandra Tiltman 


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