Senator the Hon. Stephen Conroy with Mr Andrew Littleproud at McAfee Presentation

Senator the Hon. Stephen Conroy with Mr Andrew Littleproud at McAfee Presentation

McAfee recently held a most interesting presentation at Sydney’s Park Hyatt Hotel, on the 2013 research insights into the online behaviours of young Australians.

The report was released as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Week and was commissioned to identify the online behaviour gaps between tweens, teens and parents in the digital world.

Mr Andrew Littleproud, President, McAfee Asia Pacific and a panel of parenting and education experts revealed the findings of their national research report entitled Tweens, Teens and Technology.

The report found that children as young as eight (tweens) are adopting the online behaviours of teens as well as adopting technology faster than expected, particularly in social networking, with 67% revealing they are using a social media site.  Tweens are also more advanced in their device usage with mobiles and tablets being used for approximately 1.5 hours a day, while 42% are using this time to chat with friends.  One in four tweens admitted to currently using facebook, despite the age eligibility being 13 years old.

Skype is the most popular social website for tweens and Instagram is now on the radar, with 10% using it to publish images.

Senator the Hon. Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy joined the panel discussion which followed.

McAfee is working with government, police, educators and parents to address cyber education and have partnered with Life Education to launch a new module called bCyberwise, which is aimed at educating children in schools across Australia.   Sandra Tiltman   Photo: John Pond

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