DSC_0863If you have been wandering around Sydney’s historic Rocks area in the last few weeks and come across a large four storey windmill, don’t start to worry that you have stepped back in time, when windmills dotted the landscape.

The Rocks area is the birthplace of European settlement in Australia and inspired by The Rocks’ colonial windmill era, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority has built a replica windmill.  This innovative project also features theatre and screenings, visual arts, interactive installations, workshops and historical tours that will entertain and educate visitors on The Rocks’ heritage.

Known as ‘The Rocks Windmill’, the striking large-scale temporary installation, acts as a functioning wheat-grind as well as a vibrant and intimate 40 seat venue.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy working the cogs of the functioning wheat-grind housed inside the windmill, grinding their own wheat as part of the Wheat Exchange.

The Historic Houses Trust will guide walking tours of the area’s old windmill sites, explaining how steam power ended the windmill era while investigating the importance of ‘the daily bread’ for a fledgling colony.

Make sure you head down to The Rocks Windmill before it disappears on Sunday 12 May 2013.   Words:  Sandra Tiltman.   Photos:  John Pond



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