OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHaving a beautiful head of hair attracts many admiring and often envious glances.  No matter what outfit the person is wearing, the first thing most people notice is the hair.  Some people spend a lot of time each morning, applying various products then blow drying and styling their hair trying to achieve a special look or even just trying to make their hair look like it did the last time they visited their favourite hair salon.

Coming to the rescue is BC Bonacure, which allows consumers of hair products to choose any shampoo and conditioner they like from the huge BC range.  The premise behind every BC Bonacure product is the concept of Hairtherapy and rebuilding beauty from within.  A concept inspired by skin care, the BC Bonacure ranges offer a high performing hair care programme, which enhances hair beauty.

The ranges that fall within the BC Bonacure family include Repair Rescue for damaged and unmanageable hair.  Color Freeze which freezes colour pigments in place for longer lasting colour.  Time Restore for mature and fragile hair.  Smooth Shine which smooths and nourishes unmanageable hair.  Moisture Kick that prevents dehydration and moisture loss.  Volume Boost which boosts the volume of fine and delicate hair and Hair & Scalp Deep Cleansing which purifies the scalp and helps prevent dandruff.

The Oil Miracle shimmer treatment that comes with each pack is part of the Oil Miracle range.  The Gold Shimmer Treatment is the perfect weekly pampering to deeply recharge hair from within.  The treatment gives a lasting feeling of luxury, with the precious oils leaving hair with an instant, opulent shine.  The BC Oil Miracle range has been designed to distribute precious oils evenly so as to not overburden even the finest of hair.  Rounding off each pack is the Youngblood mighty shiny lip gel.  What a great gift for Mothers Day!     Sandra Tiltman,   PHOTO: John Pond©



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