Matt Moran's Entree for the Challenge

Matt Moran’s Entree for the Challenge

T-QUAL Tick, the Australian Government’s national symbol of tourism quality, has launched a campaign that will see three bloggers racing around Australia, visiting high quality tourism experiences in destinations such as Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart.

Chef Matt Moran, T-Qual Tick Ambassador

Chef Matt Moran, T-Qual Tick Ambassador

During the eight day race, the bloggers will put their skills to the test whilst experiencing tourism products endorsed by the T-QUAL Tick.

Renowned chef and T-QUAL Ambassador, Matt Moran, oversaw the first challenge of the T-QUAL Tick Race at Aria Restaurant this week, marking the first of many challenges the bloggers will take part in as they race around Australia.

Using the pre-prepared ingredients, the bloggers drew on their culinary and memory skills, while battling it out to reproduce the entrée that Matt had shown them prior to the start of the challenge.  Matt then judged the winner.

“As co-owner of ARIA, I understand the importance of promoting quality in the tourism industry and I’m excited for the bloggers to get a taste of what I experienced. They are in for a treat!” said Matt, who then saw the bloggers off by giving them their next clue for the Sydney leg of the race.

One of Australia’s most followed Instagrammers will be documenting the race in pictures published through the social network.

Sandra Tiltman    Photos:  John Pond

Visit  johnpondworld.com also www.johnpond.com  SANDRATBLOG.COM

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