Sandra T with Former MasterChef Contestant, Kevin Perry

Sandra T with Former MasterChef Contestant, Kevin Perry

Summer holidays are still in full swing and what better way to feed the family than a good old traditional Aussie BBQ in the outdoors.  Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner you can always enjoy a BBQ.

What better way to celebrate Australia Day on 26 January than by inviting all your friends and family to get together and spend the day in the open air standing around the BBQ, with a beer or a glass of wine.

Australians have now become much more sophisticated in their eating habits, being inspired by the many cooking and foodie shows on TV.  No longer does the traditional BBQ just mean a few sausages and steaks thrown on the grill while everyone stands around watching as the meat is constantly turned over.

Sausages 400Recently I attended the ultimate Aussie BBQ, cooked to perfection by ex MasterChef contestant, Kevin Perry, whose specialty is BBQ.  Kevin cooked such tasty treats as smoky beef chorizo and potato tortilla, made with the incredibly tasty Mr Beak’s Smoky Chorizo Sausages, followed by what could only be described as a 5 star gourmet burger.

Kevin told us that Mr Beak’s products are all made from 100% Australian beef and were gluten and MSG free so nobody had to worry if they had any dietary issues.  He also cooked some great plain beef sausages for us as well.

Now I’m inspired to get my tongs out and fire up the BBQ for Australia Day.

Sandra Tiltman  Photos:  John Pond


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